Frontier Town New York - An Abandoned Western Theme Park

The Blue Ridge Motel is by far the closest motel to Frontier Town

But North Hudson is full of old empty closed motels.
Frontier Town
Frontier Town was an old theme park in North Hudson on US 9 & Blue Ridge Road, Essex CR 84 (old CR 2) that opened in 1952 then closed in 1998. It had a wild west motif to it and was a favorite stop for travelers, vacationers and children for over 40 years. The whole town of North Hudson thrived off of it, and its demise meant the end of every hotel, store and gas station in North Hudson save Gokeys and the gas station by Exit 29, which re-opened only a couple years ago.

The Track to the Olde Village
The Track to the Old Wild West Village
The property has been idle for almost 20 years. Lately, the State of New York wants to build a visitors center there with a campground too.
boots on the ground With the upcoming work being planned for that site, we hope to provide lodging to the business and work people for the new development.
Frontier Town Main Set

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